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Dr. Michael Bubon Bubon Orthodontics

Bubon Orthodontics in Waukesha means much more than straightening teeth. Dr. Bubon has been treating orthodontic patients in Waukesha for nearly 30 years. It means more than giving families the best value for their orthodontic treatment. Bubon Orthodontics means using cutting-edge technology to get the best result in the fastest time and passing that efficiency on to our families so that the treatment can be performed for less cost. It also implies using treatment methods that reduce the need to pull teeth or resort to surgery in order to get the desired result. Bubon Orthodontics takes a holistic approach to the teeth alignment process whereby the overall facial features, lips and even TMJ health are all taken into consideration when planning our treatment—all with the patient’s ultimate goals in mind. And, if you are considering Invisalign Treatment, you won’t find more experienced doctors than at Bubon Orthodontics. Bubon Orthodnitcs has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

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